Dating for mature adults

When the word dating is whispered, maybe in a circle of friend at girls night out, at a noisy club, at the office by an enthusiastic college or during your sisters or brothers wedding, what is the first thing that pops in your head? For some, it is the train wreck of a dating life that they have had From being bailed on in the middle of a first date to the lack of chemistry in a number of successful dates. Others feeling like a first date might have gone well only to be disappointed when their date does not want to have a second date. Others think of how they never show up for dates for fear of rejection. These are just a few thoughts in the unending list that run in the mind of mature adults. Dating – a simple word for an elusive concept that man has yet to grasp and break down to a perfect science. Fact is dating is hard. Between the long hours at work and the little time left for sleep, there is barely any time left for play. To add insult to injury getting a partner, let alone one that has the characters that you want (better put, you need) is nearly impossible. Fear not here are a few tips on dating for mature adults.

Dating for mature adults involves a few concepts that a person should have at the back of their minds. First of all you should be aware of the first impression you give. They say that a lady knows if they are going to like you in the first fifteen seconds they see you Is it true? That i cannot answer but i would bet on a yes if i had gun to my head. Pay attention to the statement you are making. If not sure how you would be viewed ask a straight shooter who is close to you Secondly check your baggage. Seven percent of communication is verbal. the rest is non verbal, what you think of yourself when no one is looking – desperation, fear, insecurities and what not people can tell. Last but not least, know your deal breakers. Its okay to expect someone to meet a certain checklist, but you should know them and get rid of those that are frivolous. Be open to someone not scoring a hundred percent on that list but identify those characters that you cannot compromise on Finally, move slowly. With the pressure of time you can overlook key details,misjudge someone or make mistakes. Let a relationship take its course without getting too impatient or forcing things.

On the onset of dating there are a few things one should do or not do.

1. Observe social cues: Everybody’s favorite topic in the world is themselves. When on a date you should ask questions about the other person. The basics; Where are you from? What line of work are you in? etc. Its all about exchange. Open yourself up and learn something new. When you ask questions they tend to lead to other questions which reveal similarities and bring you closer. Someone might walk away thinking there was no chemistry while the outcome would have been way better.

2.Talking about the EX: Never. I don’t think you heard right – never, ever talk about the ex on your first date. Of course you will have to talk about the issue after some time, but not on the first date. Anywhere between zero and a little is too much.

3.Realize other forms of chemistry other than the physical chemistry: Physical chemistry is a major consideration when you are dating and in most cases this is confused for a deeper connection. While dating you should consider the other forms of chemistry. First is the intellectual chemistry. If the other person cannot spell bob backwards things are bound to head south fast. Second is the psychological chemistry. You need someone who is kind with their time mind heart and soul. Someone who will go through the good the bad and the ugly times.

4.Bringing in baggage: When dating there are to possibilities of what you can do in that relationship, you can contribute to it or contaminate it Leave your baggage at the door, Share only where appropriated or reciprocated.

5.0ver sharing: Dating is not an interview. You do not have to present a resume on your first day.Let the conversation be casual and let the tempo of things build slowly and casually. Keeping mind that the number one fear that men have is rejection. They need to notice a vulnerability, a way that they can approach you and have something to offer. Tone down the vibe that I am successful and independent and therefore i don’t need you

For all those in budding relationships you have to overcome the fear of caring too much.ln the words of Eleanor Roosevelt ‘We are afraid to care too much,for fear that the other person does not care at all”. Fear prevents us from giving it our all Fear of the other person not reciprocating feelings the way we want them to prevents us from giving it our all Relationships take a lot of commitment and most times at the first sign of trouble we ran for fear of suffering another heartbreak(for those who have been hurt before). Understanding this and overcoming this fear puts us in a better situation to fight for relationships thus successful dating.

With these few tips in mind make your way to the dating field with confidence. A common mistake that people make is they try to change and become a version that someone else would like. Be yourself. Have an open mind for the possibilities that can be available to you Dating is not an exact science, but truth is, Ill never know all there is to know about you just as you will never know all there is to know about me. Humans are by nature too complicated to be understood fully. So, we can choose either to approach our fellow human beings with suspicion or to approach them with an open mind, a dash of optimism and a great deal of candor.

Where to Find Women to Date

Have you been looking for a date with a woman but can’t seem to find the right one? Let me help give you ideas as to where to find women to date. Perhaps you are socially awkward, or you are overworked and lack the time to find that special someone. Or maybe you are just looking in all of the wrong places. Some places you can find women to date are as follows:

1)At work: This is an obvious one, but don’t be afraid to hit on the cutie at your local office. Don’t come off too strong and creepy, but make it nonchalant. If you work with the public– whether it be in retail, hospitality, gym, and so forth– you may be surprised at how many people may be checking you out, without you even realizing it! It can’t hurt to be a bit flirtatious to someone who peaks your interest. To make it so that you don’t look ultra creepy, make sure that you are endearing, charming–but not too charming, confident, and polite. Coming up with a cheesy pickup line is totally not recommended!

2)At your local library: Yes, many women visit the library. Perhaps you may find something that you want to read there, too. Most libraries now have computer labs. Also, many libraries host events. Finding an event to attend at your local library can put you in contact with many women. Find an event that interests you the most Most libraries will post their calendars online; if not, they usually have them inside.

3) Online: This is another obvious one However, let’s analyze the do’s and don’t about online dating. It is not recommended to be a creepy lurker who randomly contacts someone online, unless you’re on a dating site If you’re on a dating site, try making your approach sensitive and genuine. Coming on too harsh may not get you very far. If you’re meeting people on Facebook, it is not wise to message a random female. They likely will not respond. What you can do, though, is ask a mutual friend about the female to see if she is single, so that your friend can introduce you two Also, you could join Facebook groups, where there is some common denominator. Facebook also has many dating groups for singles, and a lot of people are meeting this way.

This is much more acceptable than trying to score a date by randomly messaging females. Many people will argue that online dating is unnatural, risky, and dangerous. There are just as many people who are all for it, though. You have to use your best judgement, extreme caution, and common sense. Meeting in public is essential for the first date or so. There are also many dating apps for your smartphone or tablet. These have helped many people link up. However, be leery of who you talk to.

The website, is a great place to meet people online, without really meeting them online. Let me explain. With, you choose events that interest you the most, and you attend the events that are local to you and of interest. If you’re a writer who wants to network, for example, there may be groups local to you– even tonight– to meet your fellow writer mate!

4) Events and gatherings. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation at a random get-together. Many people meet this way. It is a trusted, reliable way to meet people. Why? Because there are mutual friends involved, typically.

5)At a bar. This is another example as to where to find women to date. Although a bar scene is not ideal for most people, just think– if you are a nightlife lover and desire another nightlife lover, this may be a way for specifically yourself to find a date. I don’t recommend it for everyone, though.

Perfecting the perfect date

Dating can be daunting. This goes for those who’ve not been on a date as well. First, let’s look at some possibly reasons why you would want to go on a date. 1. You are looking for a fun night out, no strings attached.2. You are looking for ‘the one’.3. You just want to test the waters, and build up some self-confidence.4. Your friends/family put you up to this, and you’re really not over-excited.

There could be other reasons, but these are the main ones. Now if you look at them, you will see that they differ quite a bit. Looking for a no strings attached, fun night out is in stark contrast to looking for ‘the one’. Testing the waters and not wanting to go on the date at all, are also at opposite ends. Strangely enough, the ‘tactics’ of orchestrating a perfect date remain the same for all four. Everyone gets nervous on a first date, so it is important to keep things light and fun. Find a neutral venue. Not too crowded, but not too intimate either. You don’t want to scare off your date in the first five minutes.

Try a local pub or a cozy restaurant. Ensure it’s classy, but not too expensive, as your date might want to either pay for both of you (depending on who invited who), or you decide to each pay for your own meal. In both cases you don’t want your date to have to take out a loan to pay for dinner. Speaking of dinner. Sometimes it’s less stressful to go out for lunch on your first date. It’s less formal, which takes the pressure off. Keep the conversation personal, but not too personal. What I mean by personal, is that you shouldn’t talk about the weather and the restaurant and the service etc. but rather about what each other like about certain things, like say, sports, or books, hobbies and more

Ask questions and be willing to answer some as well Be open, but don’t be harsh. Remember that your date wants to know something about you, but not EVERYTHING at once. Also, don’t talk about previous relationships or your dream wedding. Both will have your date running for the hills. Chat to each other, enjoy each other’s company and keep things fun. Be yourself, smile and go with it You might be pleasantly surprised.

How To Spot A Suitable Long Term Partner

Dating for mature adults is slightly different from the kind of dating that young people are involved in. When most young people date, they’re dating casually and might find someone who they can establish a long term relationship with. But with older persons, they experienced the ups and downs of relationships and are more interested in seeking a genuine long term relationship. It may seem overwhelming to find a suitable partner as an older person but with patience, a knowledge of what you expect in a relationship and emotional maturity, it’s possible. Here are some tips on dating as an older person.

The Internet hasn’t left out older persons seeking love and now there are legitimate dating sites designed just for people like you. You should research the websites thoroughly and look over the profiles with care. Once you do this you’ll need to create an interesting profile of yourself for other members to see. Go beyond just your basic information about yourself. Discuss your main interests, career, your relationship philosophy and which characteristics that are the most fascinating about you. Never meet with the potential date alone but in a private place. Most importantly, have fun in the process.

Get back in touch with some old friends if you’re divorced or widowed. You can locate them by inquiring about them through their relatives if you’re friends with them too. Once you connect with your old friend, take things slow and don’t rush into a romantic relationship right away. Plan nice outings such as visits to the art gallery, movie theater, amusement park, free outdoor concerts and church service if the both of you are Christians. Discuss your life experiences from the past and talk about the things you have in common.

Don’t engage in sexual activity too soon in the relationship but wait at least a few months to a year or until you’ve known each other for a while. Sex is a part of emotional bonding in a relationship and you don’t want to share your body with someone who you feel you will not likely have a long term relationship with in the future. Watch out for the person who wants sex too soon because he or she may be using you to meet physical needs only. Your partner must respect your boundaries in this area. In conclusion, you can have a meaningful relationship if you put in the effort and have an open mind.

How to have Online Dating Success

With increased technology and changed lifestyle, dating has taken a new shape where online dating has take over from the traditional dating method. Nonetheless, online dating has had negative feedback and at times ending up in death or theft to one partner. However, this is not a good basis to criminalize the online dating service since, a good fraction of users have reported positive and healthy relationships.

In this article, we are going to explore how to have online dating success as opposed to the famed believe that online dating largely ends up into none functional relationships. >Do not prejudice.This means you should not prejudge you partner based on their look. For ladies heavily build bodied and handsome men does not necessarily mean that their heart and mind is as good as their outlook. on the other hand a beautiful lady with a good figure may be the dream girl for every man but this does not mean that they are the holiest and honest. This therefore call for a the dating persons to look for other values apart from their dream partners physical outlook.

Take your time to know your partner.

The best outcome for how to have online dating success is highly dependent on the dating time This allows the partners to understand one another for both likes and dislikes and it equally helps them to build a strong bond. In addition taking time will allow you to slowly judge your partner and make a conclusive decision on whether they fit your expectations and future plans in marriage.

For instance, you will be able to understand if they want to have children in the future, their career path and its effects on your relationship among other issues.

Meet their friends, relatives and/ or co-workers.

This aspects will greatly help you to understand your dream partner from their relationships with others. It has been promoted as one of the best methods to evaluate your partner and understand how they relate to others, thus its a suitable means that will help you on how to have online dating success.

Always involve your friends and relatives.

This is another approach on how to have online dating success friends and relatives will help in judging the character of your partner. An extra set of eyes and opinion is very important when making such a long term decision. In fact it would be good to be in the company of a friend or a close relative during the initial meeting since it is said the first date’s impression reveals so much information that is crucial to the success of a relationship.